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Crochet therapy, fun hobby!


Crochet has been such a fun new hobby, it’s my new therapy. To recover from motherhood and my essential oil obsession, now I get to make thing for my babies and my oils!!!

Ravelry my new favorite crochet website

Thank you my friend for recommending Ravelry.com, and my friend who got me to go to class, and my wonderful teacher who has such patience for children interrupting and eating all her food!

I’m definitely still learning the basics so I’m sticking to the small, easy projects. I have learned the basic stitches, learned to read the basic patterns, and learned to balance my time to add this new hobby.crochet young living

Feeling accomplished as I finish off

Each time I finish a project I feel complete. Sticking to easy crochet patterns, projects that I can finish in one sitting has been like therapy. Seeing the finished work gives my mind closure at a job done, a new toy for my kiddos and joy for all of us. Even my husband is happy for something I can put my mind too!

So far I have made an essential oil pouch , mini coin pouch ,  a lip-balm-holder , little teddy bears  , and a mini octopus. All in my orange yarn that I love and get to practice with! Soon I will get pretty yarn and work on a bit more complex patterns. For now I’m happy with these, and grateful for this new skill.

Don’t be afraid to start something new, at any age, skill level, time lack, children, etc, just do it, at least try and say you made the effort! It can be fun, you can meet new people, make new things, find a new kind of therapy!

Many blessing to you and may the Most High bless the work of your hands!


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