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Our First Family Vacation to Costa Rica! Part 5

Welcome back to our Costa Rica adventures!
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Before we even left to Costa Rica we were hanging out with Mr. P’s friends and they brought up a place that seemed pretty interesting. So we decided pretty last minute that it would be cool to check it out, taking advantage that we’ll be in town. It’s called Hogar Biblico Roblealto, or Biblical Home. It was founded many years ago, possibly 90 years ago, to help families that are pretty broken, through a rehabilitation process to reunite the children with the parents, preventing orphans.image

When we first arrived in Costa Rica we spoke with the director and he let us know that they had room and board to let us stay one night so we can check it out. We thought it was a great idea and therefore didn’t really make any other traveling plans for the rest of our stay. So we were pretty bummed when he told us that circumstances changed and they could only host us for half a day. It all turned out well, praise be to the Most High. Lots of traveling, with a baby, is pretty tiresome.

This place they have is pretty incredible, not only do they take care of almost 100 children, they have substitute parents ย taking care of 10 children each, and teaching them about God. How amazing! Bringing in children who have grown up in such difficulty and providing homes and a beautiful life. With the opportunity to go to school right on the same campus and see their parents every weekend until they can be reunited, so awesome.image

The campus itself is divided into a couple parts. We got to see a little bit of the farm, which is acres and acres of land they use to help raise many for the campus. The bible homes themselves are beautiful and well kept. Each “mom” has a maid that comes to help with the cooking and cleaning. The children all seemed so happy to be there ๐Ÿ™‚


Once again, through all this beauty, we feel that tugging in our hearts, God telling us this isn’t it either. Again, Mr. P and I talked in the hotel about how we thought this was it, this is where God wants us to serve Him. But He said, no. So we may our way back to the hotel, very pensive and exhausted and ready for a meal!

Big mistake choosing to stay and have dinner in the hotel! We were so tired we figured lets just stay here, save some money we would spend on the taxi. No way hahaha never again. Little bit of not-so-good-tasting food, for a lot of money! After that big waste of dinner we decided to walk next door to Wal-Mart, yes, right next to the hotel and buy some fruits for breakfast. Turned out to be a bit cheaper, but at least we got to eat some yummier food in the morning. /
How sad, all this wonderful fruits in the land of Costa Rica and the hotel didn’t even offer much of it for breakfast :/

Mr. P's wonderful breakfast for us :)

Mr. P’s wonderful breakfast for us ๐Ÿ™‚

Our last night in Costa Rica was the happiest, last about our trip next time!


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