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Our First Family Vacation to Costa Rica! part 2

Continuing our adventure to Costa Rica! (Part 1 here)

Before we left I was in contact with a friend who suggested we head to the farm we were planning to visit earlier than planned. Because of Semana Santa the transportation wouldn’t be running normal schedules. Our original plan was to rest and travel the next day. Good thing we did as she suggested. The buses indeed weren’t running on their regular schedule and many people were traveling as well.

Mr. P and Jasmin, view from hotel room.

Mr. P and Jasmin, view from hotel room.

We arrived at the bus terminal with some time to kill. Mr. P wandered around while I stayed with the bags and Jasmin. He found a fruit vendor and bought 2 coconuts and 3 mangos for about $3, or the US equivalent. So yummy. The breakfast the hotel offered was pretty expensive and not well varied, especially for a couple of vegans!

Another angle of Mr.P and Jasmin

Another angle of Mr.P and Jasmin

Our three-hour bus ride to the farm was pretty horrible! First of all I realized too late that I should’ve used the restroom before we left. I just refused to have to pay to use the toilet! Secondly, steep windy roads in a vehicle is not the best combination for someone who’s prone to motion sickness! Lastly, entertaining Jasmin for 3 hours was quite a task. Praise the Lord for the half-way rest stop, soothing lavender oil, and a wonderful partner to help with Jasmin!

The last 30 minutes of the bus ride was the worst. Mr. P said I looked pale. The whole situation seemed hilarious to him! I think he was delirious from the motion sickness too 🙂 It was pretty funny that the 2 adults were having a tougher time than the 5 month baby! And in the seats  across from us another passenger was calmly reading a book. It was pretty funny! Thanks to my husband for making the horrible ride seem less horrible.

Finally we arrived to the last stop, but not our destination. Next was a  cab ride to the farm following the instructions we printed. Thankfully he new more or less where it was. Before we took the cab we decided to relax a couple minutes and find something we could snack on. And this is where we start breaking our usual diet. The potato empanadas were calling our name. We don’t usually consume gluten. Mr. P is gluten sensitive and thus Jasmin has showed sensitivity too. After the bus ride we decided this will help us regain our senses. It did, at a cost. Rudy started breaking out a couple days later, thankfully Jasmin didn’t show any severe reaction.

The taxi took us up to the farm, a 30 minute ride, through a bumpy unpaved road then steep unpaved road! Finding the entrance to the farm was tricky, some neighbors helped us when we asked  them for the finca de gringos! Meaning the American’s farm, sounds funnier in Spanish 🙂 From the entrance we had another 15 minute hike with Mr. P carrying our 2 backpacks while I carried Jasmin in her Moby wrap. I love that sling!

Mommy and baby Jasmin

Mommy and baby Jasmin

Walking into that farm after all that traveling was like walking into a piece of paradise! Beautiful mountains, fresh air, wonderful people, and almost every plant on the farm was edible! Indeed! We were so grateful to arrive and be received by wonderful friends and staying in a place away from western civilization.

Awakening Soul Farm

Awakening Soul Farm

More about our stay at the farm next time!


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