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Our First Family Vacation to Costa Rica! part 1

I was so unsure to be traveling with a 5-month baby! Especially to another country, by airplane, to the jungle! We praise Our Father it went so well 🙂

I’m going to have to write this adventure by parts.

Today I want to share just a few worries and the beginning of our adventures!

As some may know we are diapering Jasmin quiet differently (more about this on diaper blog). She doesn’t wear diapers at all at home, and we cloth diaper her when we go out or when others want to hold her. When planning our trip, however, we were truly considering buying diapers. We wondered how we would be keeping up with laundry, what if she wet other people’s things, what should we pack or leave?

It all worked out well, we ended up keeping our routine! Both places we stayed ended up having washers! We packed all her diapers, absorbent pads, laundry detergent and oil for her bum. We didn’t need to buy regular diapers at all, yay!

Another worry we had was the 3-hour flight!

daddy and baby fist flight

Mr.P and Jasmin

Mr. P bought the flight to Costa Rica leaving in the middle of the night. We thought this would be best since Jasmin sleeps through the night only waking up to nurse. Indeed she slept through the flight. The only problem was getting her to fall asleep! She was so distracted by the airport commotion, fighting the sleep until we boarded the plane, then started the fussing. Thankfully she only cried for 5 minutes at the most, though it felt like an eternity! I was finally able to hold her that she could suck her thumb and rest her head on my shoulder, finally falling asleep and we hadn’t even taken off yet! Too bad I couldn’t get comfy enough to sleep too. Another blessing we were so grateful for was the plane wasn’t full. So Mr. P and I got to stretch our legs, we had 2 rows all to ourselves!

Jasmin so sleepy

Jasmin so sleepy

Jasmin woke up when we landed and once again distracted by all the airport commotion, she didn’t fall back asleep until we got to the hotel by almost 2am CR time. Thanks the Lord for my mom’s discount at the hotel chain she works for! We were so grateful to stay at a nice hotel and so grateful for rest that first night. We were going to need the rest because we had a 3-hour bus ride to look forward to. That’s another story I’ll tell next time!



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  1. rudy rudy
    April 10, 2013    

    remember we used lavender oil on the plane and on the bus – it worked so well!

  2. rudy rudy
    April 10, 2013    

    to calm and soothe jasmina!!

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      April 10, 2013    

      Yes thanks my love! We did indeed use lavender oil. Won’t travel without it. Only wish we had ginger oil! Might’ve helped for the motion sicknessss 🙂

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