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How an Atheist (me) Found Out About Christ


I used to deny the existence of God, I said I was an unbeliever, an atheist. Until God revealed himself to me in a dream and in my life. He started transforming me until I came to the point of changing my whole life drastically! 

God touched my heart and my life like nothing else has or can ever do! After the dream I decided OK maybe God does exist, but not until two years later and many, many troubles did I truly feel filled by Gods love, it hit me straight to the heart! The only thing was that I didn’t know anything about Him, let alone anything about Christ.

My lack of belief was my reasoning, since I had studied so much and read and I was a “scholar” it didn’t fit to believe in any such higher power there’s no evidence for and full of corruption. Yes I had seen the film Passion of Christ and gone to Catholic Church, I had watched the 10 Commandments and the other Christ films in my youth, but when I conversed with a friend about Christ, I realized I knew nothing!

At this time I moved from Miami to New York. I embraced this opportunity as a chance to change my life, to stop cursing, stop caring for material things, stop drinking, smoking, clubbing, etc. etc. I knew I could only do this through prayer. So after the conversation with my friend, I had a new prayer, Lord teach me about Christ!

God is faithful brothers and sisters! He is truly faithful. The next day, on my subway ride to work, I sat down next to a little booklet. I didn’t think anything of it at first because there’s always garbage on the subway. Except this one didn’t look like garbage, and the title kind of caught my attention, it read “The Empty Tomb”. So I picked it up and looked through it…and lo and behold, it was a comic booklet version of the story of Christ!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was truly an unexpected answer to prayer. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, this was a Christ-incidence! I fell in love with Christ and His salvation, fell in love with God and this beautiful sacrifice for love of ME and all of us! I praise the Lord for this little tract that explained to me what love really is, and how God loves us so much! 

It is true when you seek God you will find Him, just taste and see just how good He is! This is my prayer for you and all of us! May we be filled with true love, God’s love! Amen! 

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