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Homemade Flea Fix for Dogs

flea fix for dogs Home-made Flea Fix for Dogs! Hey guys what up? So while I was living in Nashville we adopted a dog, her name is Negra (“black” in Spanish). She’s a black lab mixed with a pit bull. I also have another dog that I have had for 3 years, Terry! While we were in Nashville they [...]

Day of Atonement, Holy Feast!

Day of atonement The Day of Atonement 26 The Lord said to Moses, 27 “The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. Hold a sacred assembly and deny yourselves,[a] and present a food offering to the Lord. 28 Do not do any work on that day, because it is the Day of Atonement, when atonement is made for you before the Lord your God.  29 Those who do [...]

Trigger alert: Miscarriages are not e...

miscarriages Hello everyone, today I just wanted to blog a little bit about my miscarriages. I know that this is a touchy topic for lots of people. Not a lot of people like to talk about it. Today I want to let you know that it is ok to talk about it and it’s actually very [...]

Feast of Trumpets 2017, 7th month Fea...

Leviticus 23   Feast of Trumpets     How has the Feast of Trumpets made a difference in our lives? Being aware and able to partake in the feasts the Most High ordained gives us a deeper awareness and oneness with Our Father. These feasts represent something done in Heaven which we can partake in this earthly [...]

Peace through the Storm

Peace through the storm As an enormous tsunami freak wave threatened to crash upon the city, she saw around her a comforting, protective bubble, and many others around her who were protected as well. She knew then that her prayers were answered. God was with them. Prayers answered My mom always tells me her dreams. [...]

Oshiozemhe Obed’s Birth Story b...

Birth story rose A beautifully written birth story by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Rose Obom! Rose retells her first experience, of her son Oshiozemhe Obed, the baby who made her a mama. Visit her blog at LoopinglyMade and read her other contributions to HeavenlyTreasure blog too! Oshiozemhe Obed’s Birth Story by mama Rose Our first child, Oshiozemhe [...]

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