where your treasure is, there will your heart be also

Tips for strong marriage during pregn...

Tips for strong marriage This first thing I have to say about the topic…IT IS DIFFICULT! Being pregnant in itself is not easy for some. Having a healthy relationship of any sort is not easy either. Put the two together and wow can things go wrong pretttttty quick! Out of wack hormones, exhaustion, cravings, new aches and pains, PLUS [...]

DIY baby: Essential Oils recipes for ...

DIY baby essential oils Hello lovely people! Here is your DIY baby essential oils recipes! Recipes? Instructions? Anyway! It’s some pure and gentle products you can easily make at home with few ingredients and amazing oils! DIY baby essential oils meetings A group of us crazy Oil people have joined in on hosting online classes on Facebook, as well [...]

Instant Pot recipe! Chick pea curry, ...

instant pot recipe We’ve had our Instant Pot for almost two years now so I have no idea why it hasn’t occurred to me til now to share my husbands delicious Instant Pot recipe! I’m going to start off with my favorite! Instant Pot Chick Pea Curry! This curry is one of my favorite meals my husband makes! [...]

101 essential Oils Class and DIY Thie...

Thieves Make and Take We started off June with a Make and Take Essential Oil class of course! The Thieves Spray we made was easy enough for us all to make together, and for the host it meant easy setup and easy cleanup! Recently, a group of us have been following along a book called [...]

Why I Pray, guest post by Rose

prayer Why I pray- written by Rose, Loopingly Made blogger! She has guest posted on our blog before and we’re pleased to share her thoughts on prayer! WHY I PRAY Prayer is a religious act of communication with a revered being, and A lot of people pray, in different ways, to different sources, for different reasons. [...]

His Words are Spirit, bible verses me...

His Words are spirit His Words are Spirit! Why is this so important? Well, because we’re soooo focused on filling ourselves. With what? With food, drink,with entertainment, music, friends, etc. Ok not saying all that stuff is bad. The point is all that stuff is NOT Spirit….His Words are Spirit! If His Words are Spirit then, everything else ??? [...]

Scripture of the Day: Daily Bread

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