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Blessings along the way 


Placing ourselves in the hands of our Father Almighty has shown us so many ways He keeps us safe, guides our every step, and provides all the time.

Now, I can share from so many years and times I have seen “coincidences” and “circumstances”, and known these are truly the works of The Most High, but for now I would like to share the highlights of what He has done for us since moving to Panama, becoming pregnant, and relocating once again.

First step of faith: leaving to Panama

Leaving our family, friends, job, and all comforts behind, we definitely too a leap of faith moving to Panama. Our belongings fit into 6 pieces of luggage, and all small normal size, not any huge duffle bags…6 pieces and 2 of them were backpacks! Ok so here we go to Panama not knowing what to expect. But from the moment we set foot in the airport, we knew we were being carried and protected.

Jas Panama Fishing

My earthly father works in the airport so of course that just makes things much easier. Sorry but yes we take advantage and do not stand in line! He helps us check in and if we’re flying a different airline, of course he has connections and friends here and there. Even going through security is a breeze. And I’ll just say this about our experience in many airports so far, especially those outside of the US, once they see you have a child they are so helpful! This example is for us the work of THe Most High indeed.

Rudy’s job and bosses in Panama were another Godsent! They definitely made out time there more comfortable than many have experience and an easy transition. We were given a comfortable studio size room right next to the beach! With lovely neighbors we shared an outdoor kitchen with and many lovely conversations. They made sure we had AC and comforts not so easy to come by in those parts of Panama, all for Jasmin of course! Treating the child like a princess! They provided us with transportation, discounted meals, and wonderful friendship. Truly a blessing.

Even when it was time for us to go we knew our Fathers hand was in it. Truly perfect timing! See in February we found out I was expecting so many thoughts came into our minds. I would have loved To give birth by the ocean, but sadly there were no midwives in the area. We love our midwife so our first thought was to go back to Miami. Well, The Most High definitely had plans for us.

31 weeks pregnant

The time baby Noah was supposed to be born coincided perfectly with Rudy’s summer break. This meant he would not miss out on pay and we could plan accordingly with more options to play with. In the meantime looking for a job was another obstacle to surrender. Of course it was already set for us we just had to keep searching, applying, interviewing and praying.

When Rudy got the offer to this position I knew he couldn’t reject it like so many others. This one was different, the benefits, the pay, location, was just everything we had asked being handed to us. I cried thinking Rudy would have to leave without us because I felt it was the best for us to have a home birth with our midwife…well I must have been hormonal coming up with such nonsense!

See we didn’t realize the process of getting hired to this school in the UAE meant living in limbo waiting for paperwork. There are many horror stories from all the teachers here and there waiting period. At first we thought we would go to Miami and within weeks Rudy will be gone. When that didn’t happen, we thought, ok well then maybe we can still all go together and find a midwife over there.

Then we found out there are no home births in UAE and the hospitals with water birth are far from our city. So I was sure we would stay behind but Rudy called the hospital in the city we would be and they were so reassuring I would have the birth I desired, we then thought we would leave together.

Except the paperwork was dragging, we were hearing no progress and I couldn’t travel after certain weeks. And as those days approached and I could no longer fly, Rudy was sent travel plans! So then we prayed they would respect this precious time and give him more weeks so he could attend the birth!

Of course they gave us more time! School had already started months ago so his classes were covered. We had decided when we arrived in Miami to go ahead with our midwife as if we were staying just to make sure we were prepared.

jas cheesing with noah

All was falling into place. We would be together as a family for Noah’s birth, a home birth, Rudy had a job waiting for afterward and we would all be ready. Noah’s wonderful one hour birth was the cherry on top of the most heavenly cake!

Everything since His birth, from the help of Rudy’s family, allowing us to live, labor and birth in their home, aligning flights, jobs, finances, transportation, food, all things necessary during our stay in Miami, all things for our family, The Most High showed us His almighty grace and power over our lives.

We will continue to live in faith, surrendering our days, anxieties, all control is His!

Noah: save our planet


  1. amy amy
    December 2, 2015    

    Thank you so much sis for sharing your story! TMH is so gracious and wonderful! All praises and glory be to him always! Your story brought tears to my eyes! You and your family are such a blessing to me and my family! I truly cherish our friendship! We miss you guys, and continue to pray for TMH to do wonderful things in your lives. May the Fathers will be done in your lives, and may he continually bless your family! Much love sis!!

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      December 2, 2015    

      Oh sis we love you all so much and hope we can see each other once again! May TMH bless your family!

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