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Babywearing Jasmin

Mr. P told me of his experience in Zimbabwe, where he witnessed powerful mommas who wear their baby’s everywhere. So naturally, when I heard a workshop was being offered, we went.
While I was pregnant we heard of a Green Baby Fair in Miami hosted by The Gathering Place. This is where I first experienced baby-wearing.


This was just the beginning of my baby-wearing experience. All those wraps they spoke about in the workshop soon became a cloud of memories through the rest of the fair and pregnancy. I knew I wanted a wrap for my registry and decided to request the Moby wrap, in my limited baby-wearing knowledge. With what I now know, I would have requested a woven wrap or ring sling.

This long fabric is quite intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it, you will not want to leave home without it! Even doing housework is made easier while carrying a sleeping or fussy baby.


Although the Moby wrap is not the best thing with 10 month baby Jasmin, I will say that it has saved my life sooo much! She feels so much better having body contact as much as possible, she naps better and it soothes her when she’s fussy. We’ve even gotten the hang of nursing while wearing! Now her weight and eagerness to look around has outgrown this type of wrap. The stretchy material doesn’t feel secure and restricts us to one type of carry.


Recently we’ve been able to attend baby wearing support groups. They have taught us different wraps and ring slings as well as allowed us to borrow and take home to see which we prefer before we buy.

There are so many ways you can wrap a baby! It’s amazing to watch experienced moms toss there baby on there backs and a couple seconds later have their baby safely and happily wrapped. Mommas can even tandem wear their babies! One in front and one in back! Maybe even side by side? There are so many possibilities!

Soon I will get a new wrap and be able to share new ways to carry Jasmin with me everywhere more comfortably.20130812-102456.jpg

Visit: South Florida Babywearing on facebook as well as silly pictures on Coudln’t take a stroller here

Events also posted on www.heavenlytreasure.net/events


Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3

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