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August Birthdays!

Thank you Lord for another beautiful year we experienced!
Praise the Creator who has given us such wonderful memories this past year!

I say WE because Mr. P and I share the same birthday, though years apart. Oddly enough I know 3 others who share the same birthday too!
And many August Birthdays, Happy Birthday:

2nd: my Grandfather
3rd: my Father
5th: Baby Lyon
14th: Mother-in-law
16th: Mr.P, my BFF , Wildwood Brother, and Sister from Church

I can’t believe how time passes!

TWO years ago Mr. P and I didn’t even know each other.
We sat who knows where choosing classes for the fall, clueless to the fact that we would sit in entomology class together and fall in love. Ooooh entomology sounds soooo romantic! Not! Its a class on insects!!!
In class was when we found out we celebrate our birthday the same day! And in class was when I reluctantly gave in to the fact that this man is the love of my life!

Now, we have a beautiful baby God has blessed us with! And we are happily married!

We are so grateful to meet some wonderful new people in our lives this past year, and blessed with the presence of friends and family 🙂 For you we also give thanks for making our days that much brighter and thanks for sharing our birthday with us!

I also want to give thanks to my mom! Now I know all the sacrifice and love she has for me over all these years! Today 26 years ago she gave birth to me! I love you mom!

God bless!

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  1. August 16, 2013    

    Happy birthday!

    • heavenlytreasure heavenlytreasure
      August 18, 2013    

      Thank you!

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