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All natural Piña Colada with homemade coconut milk!



 Home-made coconut milk, fresh pine apple, ripe bananas= Piña Colada! 

It is so great to have a husband who loves to make smoothies! Even greater that he loves to make them from real fruits. By real I mean not from a can and no preservatives.

It takes a little bit more work. Instead of opening a can you have to open a couple coconuts…with a machete…then collect the water carefully, and take out all the coconut meat, also very carefully. Yes, a little time consuming, but the results will be worth it, I promise.

The younger coconuts, the green ones around here they call them “Pipa”. The meat is like jello its so yummy…the older coconuts some may be good some not-so-good but once blended and strained are equally yummy.


-Meat and water from 1 Coconut
-1/2 frozen Pinapple
-4 frozen Bananas

First things first, make the coconut milk!

So like I said above, find a coconut, open the coconut, save the water, take out the coconut meat..ok, ok, you get it, I know.

You have to have a good blender, take it easy on your home appliances. A Vita-mix will do a great job. Blend the coconut meat and it’s water until its really creamy. Let’s say equal parts meat and water. If you see its too watery then more meat.

After you blend then strain in a nut-milk bag. This kind of bag will do  the job best but you can use a strainer or a cheese cloth. (You can save the pulp for other recipes too!)

Add more fruits! 

-So now you can add your chopped pineapple. The best is when it’s really ripe and juicy! Frozen makes the drink that much more refreshing.

-Lastly, add some frozen ripe bananas. This is what will give it some sweetness and more creaminess too. No sweetener is necessary because all of these fruits will be sweet enough!

Enjoy! and Share if you must! 




Did you know?

Coconut has a fatty acid also found in human breastmilk!

Ripe bananas produce a substance which has anti-cancer properties!

Pineapple helps your skin look younger!

1 Corinthians 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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